Legally binding and secure
...eIDAS-compliant due to standards


Electronic signatures

With signoSign/Universal, you can capture legally binding electronic signatures of evidential value even in the standard version. This is because the signatures are not only a graphic representation of the signature, they also capture biometric signature data and protect the document from changes.

The biometric data includes in particular writing speed, pressure, acceleration, starting and stopping points, sequences and time measurements. This data can be used by an expert (handwriting expert) for a forensic signature comparison.

In addition to capturing the signature data, a digital signature of the PDF document is performed according to the ISO standard. Here, a certificate is used to sign the checksum (hash value) of the document. This signature prevents manipulation and enables the integrity of the document to be easily checked.

An electronic signature contains a large amount of information

  • Graphical representation of the signature

  • Biometric signature data

  • Certificate information

  • Date and time

  • Document checksum (hash)

  • Biometrics checksum (hash)

  • GPS information

  • Device information and IP address

Legal basis

Electronic signatures via signoSign/Universal fulfil all important legal requirements. These include in particular the EU eIDAS Regulation, the German Trust Services Act (VDG) and the provisions of the GDPR and the German Data Protection Act (BDSG) (new).

As standard, signoSign/Universal generates advanced electronic signatures (AES). The requirements for such a signature are defined in the eIDAS Regulation.

According to this, the following conditions must be fulfilled:


  • The signature and the electronic data (the document) must be unalterably linked.

  • The signature can be linked to a unique person or a company and thus enables identification.

  • The signature is generated by tools that the signatory can keep under his or her sole control.

signoSign/Universal meets all these requirements.

As it meets the European requirements, the electronic signature is binding and recognised throughout the EU.



  • 100% digital signature processes

  • Legal conformity

  • RSA encryption with 4,096 bits

  • Flexible remote signatures

  • Complex workflows

  • eIDAS- and GDPR-compliant

Security - Made in Germany

The electronic signature solutions from signotec are designed and developed in Germany with the highest standards of data protection and data security. Its own high standards of security and quality make signotec one of the world's leading providers.



During development, signotec particularly places value on established standards and explicitly avoids proprietary technologies. For example, PDF signatures are executed according to ISO 19005-1:2005 and 32000-1:2008, so that they can be verified by anyone at any time (even without signotec software).



The sensitive signature data is encrypted with a public key certificate with 4,096 bits, with the private part retained by a notary. This ensures that only the notary can decrypt signatures. Misuse of the captured signatures is therefore almost completely excluded.


Furthermore, our own cloud solutions are hosted exclusively in certified data centres within Germany. They are protected with state-of-the-art technology, so that your data is secured in the best possible way at all times. Of course, every customer can conclude an agreement with us for contract data processing in accordance with Art. 28 GDPR.


As a supporter of standardised technologies, signotec has been a member of TeleTrust e. V. for many years and bears the renowned "IT Security Made in Germany" seal. In addition, signoSign/Universal was successfully certified by BiTMI e. V. and bears the seal "Software Made in Germany".


  • PDF signature according to ISO 19005-1:2005 and

  • Orientation towards BiPRO standard 262 for the embedding of signature data

  • LTV signatures (long-term-validation) for long-term verifiability of the signature

  • Certified data centres in Germany

  • Advanced electronic signature in accordance with the European eIDAS Regulation

  • Seal: "IT Security Made in Germany" from TeleTrust e. V.

  • Seal: "Software Made in Germany" from the BiTMI e. V.

  • Contract data processing according to GDPR


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